Digital Media Center

The Digital Media Center, located within the Department of Neuroscience, provides creative solutions and services to Neuroscience faculty and staff, as well as to other departments within the Mount Sinai Health System.

We print posters on a first-come, first-served basis. Before printing your poster, follow the below guidelines:

Know the size of the board on which your poster will be affixed.
Set the dimensions of your poster to the size that you would like it printed.
Create your presentation on PowerPoint, PDF, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, or Adobe Illustrator.
Design your own template or use one of the following Mount Sinai branded templates:

*NEW - landscape 56" x 36"
*NEW - portrait 56" x 36"
Microsoft PowerPoint Template - Masterbrand 48" x 36"
Microsoft PowerPoint Template - Masterbrand 56" x 36"
Microsoft PowerPoint Template - ISMMS 48" x 36"
Microsoft PowerPoint Template - ISMMS 56" x 36"

Once your poster is complete and ready for printing, e-mail your file to

If your file is larger than 10MB, you can send it via a file sharing program such as DROPBOX or bring the file to the Digital Media Center, located at 1425 Madison Avenue, 10th floor, Room 10-25. Please indicate which type of paper you would like your poster printed on (glossy, matte, canvas, fine art (archival inkjet paper), or banner vinyl).

Reprints: If an error occurs during the printing process and the error is attributable to the Digital Media Center, we will be happy to reprint your poster. If, however, the error resides in the digital file, the new print will be treated as a second chargeable poster. 

Our services offer a blend of traditional photography and modern photojournalism which can be adjusted to your needs. We shoot from the lab bench to the operating room and everything in between including event coverage, portraiture, and architectural photography. Contact us for pricing.

We offer archival quality, fine art printing services. Our work can be seen throughout the Mount Sinai Health System and includes curating and printing all images on display at the annual "Art of the Brain" exhibition.

All active research labs at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai need a web presence. We can create an original website for you using the Mount Sinai approved WordPress template. We also provide website maintenance services as well as tutorials on how to self update. Contact us for pricing.

We offer the following digital media services:

  • Poster design 
  • Photo-quality color printing
  • Black and white and color photocopies
  • Flyer and brochure design and printing
  • Scanning, including film and transparencies (up to 8 inches x 10 inches)
  • Equipment rental, including Polycom and web camera/microphone

The following outlines the costs for the Digital Media Center’s various services.

Poster Printing

  • Basic cost (Glossy or Matte): $125 per poster (up to 42" x 72"). Any size longer than 72" has an additional cost of $25.
  • Rush job: (less than 24-hour turnaround time): Add $25 per poster
  • Super-rush job (immediate turnaround time): Add $50 per poster
  • Canvas: Please call for a quote
  • Fine art (archival inkjet paper): Please call for a quote

Poster Design

Complete design or conversion from multiple slides: $150 per poster. Please send content to us in a single file format, such as a single Word or PowerPoint document. Turnaround time is determined once we review the content. NOTE: costs for designing a poster are separate from printing costs.

Black & White Photocopies

  • Standard, 20 lb. paper, 8-1/2 x 11 inches: $0.10 per page

Color Prints (laserjet)

  • Standard, 20 lb. paper, 8-1/2 x 11 inches: $0.60 per page

Photo-Quality Color Prints (inkjet)

  • Glossy paper, 8 x 10 inches: $10 per print
  • Glossy paper, 11 x 17 inches: $15 per print


  • Opaque and transparencies: $10 per scan

Poster Tubes

  • 2 x 43" cardboard tube: $5 per tube
  • 4 x 36" cardboard tube: $7 per tube


  • $150 per hour
  • Full day rates: Please call for a quote

Equipment Rentals

  • Polycom: $25 per day
  • Web camera/microphone: $25 per day

Website design

  • Creation of WordPress Lab website: Please call for a quote.
  • Maintenance of a current website: $50 per hour (1hr minimum)

The Digital Media Center accepts personal checks or fund transfers.

  • If you are paying by personal check, please make your check payable to “MSSM, Department of Neuroscience”
  • Fund Transfer (through Sinai Central) is a three-step process:
    1. Using the ISMMS online procurement system, credit the Department of Neuroscience (fund # 0245-3890) with the amount to cover the cost of printing.
    2. Complete the Fund Transfer Authorization Form
    3. Attach the completed form to the online fund transfer

Posters are not released without the Fund Transfer form completely filled out and uploaded to Sinai Central and print jobs will be released only when payment is made in full.