1. Research

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program is a national leader in providing peer-reviewed online education in research ethics, compliance, and professional development. The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai trusts the CITI Program to provide comprehensive courses created by field experts. These courses are offered to our researchers, students, faculty, administrators, and more.

The CITI Program’s educational services are leveraged by more than 2,200 organizations worldwide. CITI courses are designed to improve the knowledge of staff, students, and investigators conducting research on a local, state, national, and even global scale.

CITI materials are also aimed at administrators of ethics committees who review and supervise research. Each CITI course continually undergoes strict peer review to ensure accuracy and learner engagement.

The Office of Research Services

Within the Mount Sinai Health System, the Office of Research Services is the first stop in navigating the ethical management and execution of research. It offers the Research Roadmap as well as consultations for regulatory support, training, education, and research communications. By ensuring access to CITI Program courses, the Office further elevates its mission to support ethical research within the Health System.

How Can I Access CITI Program Courses?

To access all courses, users must log in through the CITI Program portal. To assist with this process, Icahn Mount Sinai has created a brief tutorial demonstrating how to create a new account, how to log in with an existing account, and how to add a new course.

What CITI Program Courses Are Available?

Icahn Mount Sinai maintains a basic subscription to the CITI Program, which includes the following courses: Animal Care and Use; Conflicts of Interest; Good Clinical Practice; Human Subjects Research; Information Privacy and Security; and Responsible Conduct of Research.

Each CITI course includes several learning modules. For example, Responsible Conduct of Research includes a basic course, a refresher course, and additional modules of interest. Most CITI courses also feature images, case studies, and quizzes. Completion time averages 30-45 minutes per module within a course.