Faculty and Staff

The faculty, staff, and advisors of the centers aim to fulfill the mission of the Institute by conducting translational research to improve women’s health care. The Institute promises to be a magnet for faculty who are committed to conducting relevant studies and training the future leaders in women’s health care.

Starting with its leadership and advisors and extending to the researchers, faculty, and staff, the Institute will explore and improve women’s health care issues in meaningful ways to make a difference globally. We will be recruiting additional faculty and staff over the coming months.


Elizabeth A. Howell, MD, MPP directs and maintains the Institute, leading and inspiring faculty, researchers, and support staff. 


The initial wave of faculty participating in the Institute is an impressive list of doctors and researchers whose focus is on women’s health issues.

Omara Afzal, DO, MPH

Charles Ascher-Walsh, MD

Emilia Bagiella, PhD

Ann Marie Beddoe, MD

Emma K. Benn, DrPH, MPH

Verlee Bergink, MD, PhD

Nina Bickell, MD

Stephanie V. Blank, MD

Michael Brodman, MD

Katherine T. Chen, MD

Alan Copperman, MD

Casey Crump, MD, PhD

Peter Dottino, MD

Eric M. Ganz, MD

Kimberly Glazer, PhD, MPH

Natalia N. Egorova, PhD

Erin Figueroa, MSN, RN, NE-BC

Faith Frieden, MD

Frederick Friedman, Jr. MD

Marilyn J. Hammer, PhD, DC, RN, FAAN

Anne Hardart, MD

Carol Horowitz, MD, MPH

Hanna Y. Irie, MD, PhD

Adam R. Jacobs, MD

Teresa Janevic, PhD

Tatyana Kushner, MD, MSCE

Tracy Layne, PhD, MPH

Whitney Lieb, MD

Katherine Ornstein, PhD, MPH

Monica Prasad-Hayes, MD

Zoe Rodriguez, MD

Rhoda Sperling, MD

Julie Spicer, PhD

Joanne Stone, MD

Emanuela Taioli, MD, PhD

Faculty Support

Amy Balbierz, MPH, Program Manager

Denise Berdebes

Anna Kheyfets

Jessica Overbey, MS (PhD candidate)

Stephanie Pan, MS

Naissa Piverger, MPH 

Heather Reis, MBA

Ashaki Smith