The Department of Neurosurgery at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai includes a multidisciplinary team of neurosurgeons and researchers. Our faculty is dedicated to patient care and high-quality research.

Department Leadership

Joshua B. Bederson, MD
Professor and System Chair


J Mocco, MD, MS
System Vice Chair


Kalmon. D. Post, MD
Leonard I. Malis, MD / Corinne and Joseph Graber Professor


Associate Professors
John M. Caridi, MD
Tanvir F. Choudhri, MD
Johanna T. Fifi, MD
Saadi Ghatan, MD

Assistant Professors
Hang S. Byun, MD
Neha S. Dangayach, MD
Reade A. De Leacy, MD
Zachary L. Hickman, MD
Christopher P. Kellner, MD
Cappi C. Lay, MD
John W. Liang, MD
Konstantinos Margetis, MD, PhD
Peter F. Morgenstern, MD
Fedor E. Panov, MD
Jignesh S. Patel, MD
Kaitlyn J. Reilly, MD
Graciano Rivera, MD
Chanland (Chan) Roonprapunt, MD, PhD
Tomoyoshi Shigematsu, MD, PhD
Hazem Shoirah, MD
Paul Singh, MD, MPH
Jeremy M. Steinberger, MD
Rupendra Swarup, MD
Nirit Weiss, MD
Raymund L. Yong, MD

Research Faculty
Anthony B. Costa, PhD
Roland Friedel, PhD

Clinical Instructors
Thomas J. Oxley, MD, PhD

Voluntary Faculty
Marc Arginteanu, MD
Frank Moore, MD
Yakov Gologorsky, MD
Arthur L. Jenkins III, MD
Thomas Lee, MD
Arien J. Smith, MD
Alfred Steinberger, MD
Kevin Yao, MD

Secondary Appointment Faculty
Puneet B. Belani, MD
Susan Bressman, MD
Thomas Bryce, MD
Amy M. Chan, MD
Alexander W. Charney, MD, PhD
Samuel Cho, MD
Ki Sueng Choi, PhD
Maura K. Cosetti, MD
Stacie G. Deiner, MD 
Amish Doshi, MD

Matijn Figee, MD, PhD
Eric Genden, MD
Satish Govindaraj, MD
Fiona Gupta, MD 
Andrew Hecht, MD 
Adilia Hormigo, MD

James C. Iatridis, PhD
Joanna Jen, MD, PhD 
Lyndon Kim, MD

Mark Kupersmith, MD
Alfred M.C. Iloreta Jr., MD 
Thomas P. Naidich, MD

Peter Taub, MD 
Vanessa Tiongson, MD
James J. Young, MD, PhD
George B. Wanna, MD

Adjunct Professors
Martin Camins, MD
H. Richard Winn, MD

Alexandros Bouras, MD
Dominque Bozec, PhD
Jessica Rodriguez, PhD 
Yonejung Yoon, PhD 
Yizhou Zhang, PhD