Department of Orthopedics

We train our students in the latest research and patient care techniques. In our program, you learn to take a whole-patient approach to care, collaborating with specialists in geriatrics, neurology, oncology, pathology, and rehabilitation medicine. 

Focus on Research

We emphasize ongoing research and innovation. Our students work alongside faculty who design hip and shoulder prostheses and broaden the applications of arthroscopic surgery, a minimally invasive procedure using fiber optic technology. Our researchers are currently investigating:

  • Erosion of bone at the microscopic level
  • Rotator cuff degeneration
  • Effects of microgravity on the aging of bone and tissue
  • Degeneration of foot joints
  • Methods of determining bone strength
  • Genetic effects on skeletal function

Advancing Patient Care

To enhance patient outcomes, we use the latest techniques available. Our students learn to perform arthroscopy to repair virtually every joint, including performing joint replacement, executing fracture repair, and saving limbs with bone and joint malignancies. We also employ cartilage preservation techniques, including cartilage transplantation, which allows patients to preserve their joints and delays the need for joint replacement surgery.

Our goal is to produce surgeons who are expert in the following areas:

  • Surgery of the foot, ankle, knee, hip, hand, elbow, shoulder, and spine
  • Total joint replacement for knee, hip, foot, ankle, and shoulder
  • Microvascular surgery
  • Bone tumor surgery
  • Minimally invasive surgery

Message from the Chair

Our Chair, Leesa Galatz, MD, describes her fresh perspective and how she plans to continue to develop our Department. Learn more about our Department.


We depend on our faculty to advance our educational and clinical expertise. Learn more about our faculty.

Residencies and Fellowships

With the goal of imparting a collaborative approach to patient care, we offer four residency and six fellowship programs ranging from general orthopedics to specialty and subspecialty training programs.

Learn more about our residencies and fellowships.

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