COVID-19 & Travel

Work-Related International Travel

For work-related international travel, make sure to frequently check the Mount Sinai Travel Policy for updated guidelines.

Currently, work-related international travel continues to be strongly discouraged by Mount Sinai, due to the risks of traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic (e.g. surges in coronavirus variants, stringent country entry/exit requirements, and travel bans). However, Department Chairs and Institute Directors may approve travel in cases where there are professional, compelling reasons for employees to travel internationally for work.

In these cases, the Office of Global Operations is available to provide individual risk assessments per trip, including COVID-19 related information and an evaluation of security risks (e.g. civil unrest, political instability). If you wish to obtain these services, below is our current process for assisting Department Chairs, Institute Directors and travelers with work-related international travel:

  • Traveler submits the Office of Global Operations’ High Risk Travel Questionnaire with trip information.
  • The Office of Global Operations creates a Travel Risk Assessment and sends it to the Department Chair/Institute Director for consideration in the approval process. This Travel Risk Assessment will include pre-travel action items for the Traveler to follow once trip approval is given, e.g. completion of MSHS Travel Registry, International SOS registration.
  • If the trip is approved, the Department Chair/Institute Director will write a Letter of Support, including Mount Sinai’s Travel Policy language on potential expenses if a traveler were to test positive for COVID-19 while abroad.

Please contact the Office of Global Operations if you have any questions.

Personal Travel

If you plan to engage in personal travel, we encourage you to review the Office of Global Operations' COVID-19 Travel Considerations for a list of common travel risks, safety tips, and resources.