Public Health Organizations and Preceptors

The preceptor and student will work together to develop an Applied Practice Experience Proposal that benefits both the student and practice site. The practice site is an environment conducive to personal and professional growth, offering the student the opportunity to apply public health knowledge, skills, and concepts learned in their coursework, and to achieve selected Public Health Competencies.

Benefits of hosting an MPH student

  • Learning the most up to date subject matter from experts in the field, our students can offer innovative approaches to current projects.
  • Our students are committed to becoming successful public health practitioners. They are motivated to produce quality, meaningful work and to broaden their professional skillset.
  • As a preceptor, you’ll help to prepare future public health practitioners enter the workforce.
  • An APE may lead to a potential hire. Hosting an MPH student is an effective way to assess skills, work ethic, and how she/he fits within your organizational culture before you extend a job offer.

Responsibilities of the Preceptor

  • Provide technical and administrative oversight to the student throughout the Applied Practice Experience.
  • Work with student to suggest appropriate work products.
  • Sign the APE Proposal form (an agreement between the preceptor/host site and MPH student).
  • Orient the student to the practice site, including policies and procedures.
  • Regularly schedule check-in meetings with the student and provide feedback and guidance.
  • Evaluate the student’s progress at the end of the experience with the Preceptor Evaluation form.

Interested in becoming a host site?

Are you interested in recruiting an MPH student? There are a few options to develop and advertise your project:

  1. Recruit for an existing project. Send us a project description.  We collect and review all project opportunities, and we share them with our students through email announcements and in our weekly bulletin. Open positions can be submitted using the Applied Practice Experience Posting Request Form.
  2. Work with a student 1:1 to develop a project. Let us know some potential projects you have in mind, and the qualifications you’re looking for in a student. We’ll connect you with a student who meets your criteria. 

For more information on the Applied Practice Experience, please refer to the Applied Practice Experience Guide.

Please share your open internship position by submitting an Applied Practice Experience Posting Request.

For any questions about the Applied Practice Experience, or to submit a position description, please contact: 

Peradeba Raventhirarajah, MPH

Manager, Applied Practice and Internships

Tel: 212-824-7365