Community Research Education and Engagement for Data Science

2018 Summer School for Computational Genomics has been announced: June 18 - 29, 2018.

Application deadline March 2, 2018. Please scroll down below for more information.

The Community Research Education and Engagement for Data Science (CREEDS) will advance research education by providing (a) an intensive, practical summer school experience in computational genomics for graduate students (b) DREAM Challenges and problem solving to tackle real-life biomedical questions for graduate students, (c) an online collaboration environment, and (d) active recruitment and retention of underrepresented groups. This program is funded through the NIH Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K), award #1R25EB020393.

The Mission

  • To provide biomedical researchers with the practical skills and insight needed to harness the power and advance the promise of big data science to accelerate scientific discovery
  • To develop an online social environment to facilitate the exchange of big data ideas, approaches and techniques between novices and experts
  • To enhance the diversity of the biomedical big data workforce through targeted recruitment and retention of disadvantaged and underrepresented student populations

2018 Summer Flyer

2018 Summer Course Descriptions

Program Participants

The intended participants are first- and second-year graduate students in computer science or biology. The summer school will provide training on basic computational skills and genomic information. This program strives to enhance the diversity of the biomedical big data workforce through recruitment of individuals from diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We encourage applications from economically underrepresented groups.

There is a competitive selection process for applicants; and for those selected there is no fee to attend the course.In addition, housing will be provided at no cost for accepted applicants from outside the NY metro area, and travel stipends are also available.

Applying to Summer School for Computational Genomics

For the June 18th - June 29th, 2018 session, enrollment applications are due by March 2, 2018. Applicants for all activities must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents and will need to submit the following materials:

  • Resume
  • A Letter of Recommendation. Postdoctoral Applicants: The Recommender must be your advisor. Other Applicants (non-Postdoctoral): The Recommender should be a faculty member who knows you well enough to determine if you would benefit from the training
  • A 300-word description of what you hope to learn and what you plan to do with the knowledge gained from the summer school program
  • A PDF copy of your transcript. Icahn School of Medicine requires international applicants to have their foreign transcripts translated into English by a certified foreign credential translation service (ex. WES, ECE, FIS). Applicants should request that these translated documents be sent directly to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai along with official original transcripts from their institution.

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Course Directors

Advisory Board

  • C. Titus Brown, PhD (UC-Davis)
  • Ilkay Altintas, PhD (UCSD)