Institute for Medical Education

Faculty Development and Scholarship

As a core element of the mission of the IME, we are committed to providing faculty development programming that is both innovative and relevant to our educators.

Faculty Development

Through our Medical Education Faculty Development Facilitators, we are able to deliver faculty development programming specific to teaching and learning skill development for faculty and resident educators across our health system.

Our instructional methods include small group teaching, interactive workshops and consultations. For a full list of our faculty development programming and workshops please visit our Faculty Development page.


Fostering the success of our educators includes providing programs that develop and reinforce their scholarship. IME provides research funding opportunities for faculty educators and medical students at ISMMS.

  • IME Challenge Grant Program
    To encourage and support scholarship and innovation in medical education, IME funds research projects (grant amounts range up to $10,000) that address important problems or questions facing medical education today. High-quality research proposals on the following topics are strongly encouraged:
    • Innovative curriculum design
    • High quality assessment and evaluation of learners
    • Meaningful program assessment
    • Innovative instructional methodologies or models of learning
    • High quality faculty development
    • Enabling a positive learning environment
    • Questions exploring the “how” and “why” of medical education approaches
  • IME Scholarly Year Program
    The IME funds rising fourth year medical students who are interested in doing a Scholarly Year related to Medical Education, under the close mentorship and supervision of ISMMS faculty.

    Medical education research includes research related to topics including, but not limited to, curriculum design, assessment and evaluation of learners, program assessment, innovative instructional methodologies or models of learning, faculty development, learning environment, and questions exploring the “how” and “why” of medical education approaches.

For more information about our scholarship programing please visit our Scholarship page.