Institute for Medical Education

Program for Post-Graduate Trainees

The Harvard Macy Institute brings together health care professionals, educators, and leaders to discuss critical challenges and to design innovative solutions that have a lasting impact on the way medicine is practiced and how students are educated. Co-sponsored by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai’s Institute for Medical Education (IME), The Program for Post-Graduate Trainees: Future Academic Clinician-Educators is offered annually in Boston, MA.

“It was a privilege to engage with so many bright, like-minded physicians. The program was an invaluable experience that helped me both sharpen my project and shape the image of the future academician I hope to become.”—Randy Sorge, MD, PY-3, Icahn School of Medicine

Upon completion of this course, all participants will:

  • Discuss and apply theories of learning to their own teaching practice
  • Adapt their teaching practices to further develop focused learning objectives
  • Use feedback to improve their teaching and learning aptitude
  • Reflect on their own and others’ work in medical education
  • Use a scholarly approach to educational project development
  • Broaden their medical education network of clinician-educators

Applications and Responses

The Harvard Macy Institute Program for Post-Graduate Trainees: Future Academic Clinician-Educators is held in December. Completed applications are due in late June and acceptance into the program is announced in early July. Tuition for the three-day course is $1,900 per accepted trainee participant. All interested candidates are encouraged to apply.