Institute for Medical Education

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Faculty dedicate a large portion of their careers to teaching and education, and correspondingly they have a body of scholarly work associated with their educational projects or teaching. For those interesting in applying to become advanced members of the Institute, we require evidence of those scholarly works.

Advanced Membership Application Examples

We have provided one or more examples for each of the five educational categories in the advanced membership application. These examples demonstrate the quantity, quality, and dissemination required for Fellow and Master Educator membership.

Fellow and Master Educator applicants are expected to apply in at least two categories. The selection committee is looking for the applicant to match the evidence of quantity, quality, and dissemination contained in the examples for at least one category, for example, Direct Teaching, and to exceed the evidence in at least one other category, for example, Education Administration and Leadership. If you submit multiple worksheets in one category, for example, five different direct teaching activities, at least one activity should match the evidence provided in the examples. Refer to the corresponding examples for either Fellow or Master Educator. Demonstration of excellence in more than two areas will likely produce a stronger application. Applications in one category will be considered only if evidence in that area is exceptional.

While it is impossible to provide examples of the unique strengths of every educator or to represent a faculty’s entire portfolio with one category, we hope that you find these examples useful in preparing your application.

The following examples in each category have been prepared using the same template you should use in your Faculty Membership Application. In your application, unlike the examples, please indicate exact years you have been teaching, and specific dates of awards and other activities that you include.

Example 1: Fellow
An MD who teaches medical students and residents in the clinical setting, as preceptor or attending, using mostly bedside teaching and small group teaching sessions.

Example 2: Fellow
A faculty member who lectures and teaches in small groups in a medical school course.

Example 3: Master Educator
An MD who teaches students, residents, and faculty in various teaching activities. In this activity, she teaches a national CME course.

Example 4: Master Educator
An MD who is the primary teacher and co-course director for a two-month intensive course in his residency program.

Example 5: Fellow
An MD who developed a set of web-based teaching modules for residents.

Example 6: Fellow
An MD who developed a 10-hour, second-year medical student curriculum for the entire class.

Example 7: Master EducatorAn MD who developed an 18-hour course in curriculum design for various levels of faculty learners.

Example 8: Master Educator
A PhD who developed a large course for PhD, Master’s, and MD/PhD students.

Example 9: Fellow
An MD who conducts educational and clinical research and serves as both a project advisor and mentor, and career mentor.

Example 10: Master Educator
A senior MD/PhD clinician-researcher and educator with extensive mentoring experience who serves as a project advisor and mentor, and career mentor.

Example 11: Fellow
An MD with a new leadership role in education who has begun a departmental initiative to coordinate and fully develop a new curriculum in the department for residents and fellows.

Example 12: Master Educator
An MD who transformed a major institutional program from probation to commendation within two years.

Example 13: Fellow
An MD who completed a regional needs assessment survey with potential impact on national residency training.

Example 14: Fellow
An MD who was the co-mentor and co-investigator of a study comparing the effectiveness of two teaching methods.

Example 15: Master Educator
An MD who led an institution-wide collaborative educational project that affects a large population.

Example 16: Master Educator
An MD who completed an extensive web-based slide set for a national specialty society.

Disclaimer: All sample applications have been adapted from real applications to the Institute for Medical Education with permission from the applicants. All examples have either been fictionalized or de-identified to provide anonymity to the applicants when possible. Therefore, some of the lectures, courses, or programs may not exist or do not exist in the context in which they are described here as examples.