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Approximately 12 million people in the United States would be better served by home-based care than hospitalization: the widow with terminal lung cancer who lives alone in a fourth-floor walkup, the Army veteran who is bedbound and struggles with advanced dementia and congestive heart failure, and the grandfather whose multiple sclerosis has left him confined to a wheelchair. As the population we serve ages and the limitations of traditional hospitalization for certain patients become apparent, we must design, develop, and enact new ways to meet their needs.

The Institute for Care Innovations at Home is committed to expanding the delivery of high-quality care at home through research. The Institute is the research partner for all Mount Sinai at Home clinical activities and participates in a variety of national and international studies focused on home-based care. The Institute is currently investigating a wide range of topics, always with the goal of improving clinical services in the home. Areas of focus include:

  • The effects of home-based care on clinical outcomes
  • Prevention of readmissions
  • Patient and caregiver satisfaction
  • The impact of home care on costs to patients, as well as health systems
  • Optimal implementation strategies for home-based services
  • Exploration of technological innovations that enable home-based care

Our scope of research spans many different types of care in the home, including primary care, acute hospital care, rehabilitation, pediatrics, palliative care, community paramedicine, as well as care in association with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Institute’s educational mission and dedication to workforce development are central to our mission. Institute faculty teach medical students, residents, and geriatric and palliative care fellows about the value and impact of home-based care. Each medical resident at the Icahn School of Medicine spends five weeks in the Mount Sinai Visiting Doctors program, and every medical student completes a one-week rotation. In addition, geriatric and palliative care fellows spend one month working with the program. Through these hands-on experiences, Mount Sinai at Home becomes an innovative teaching platform that empowers Mount Sinai trainees to learn how to deliver home-based care and understand its benefits for patients and families.


Research activities are made possible by grants from a number of generous donors including:

Core Research Faculty

The Institute is home to multidisciplinary investigators focused on home-centered research, and provides research support and training to new investigators and trainees. Meet our team

How You Can Help

Because of our deep expertise, pioneering spirit, and a diverse and broad patient population, Mount Sinai at Home and the Institute for Care Innovations at Home are poised to lead the nation in the research, development, and delivery of exceptional home-based care.

Private philanthropy is vital to achieving our vision for home-based care—at Mount Sinai and across the country. Your partnership will empower the Institute for Care Innovations at Home to provide the best possible care to patients at home while creating positive change on a national scale. Together, we can amplify our impact on the lives of our patients throughout New York City and shape the initiatives that will be an exemplar for the nation.

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