Project Specific Financial Disclosure

In order to initiate a research project, a Triggering Event (TE) must be completed in eDisclosure Management System (eDMS). Every person listed on the TE will be prompted to review their Disclosure Profile and complete a Research Trigger Form on eDisclosure Management System (eDMS) through a notification email. Information on the eDMS Disclosure Profile is imported into this form. The Research Trigger Form is used to determine whether any financial interests pose actual or perceived conflicts with a proposed research project. This form is required for every grant and research project/study. The form also requires disclosure of related institutional financial interests.

How to complete the project-specific disclosure:

  1. Click here to go to eDisclosure Management System

  2. Instructions
    1. How to Create a Triggering Event (TE) in eDMS
    2. How to Complete a Research Trigger Form in eDMS