About Us

Industry-academia relationships represent enormous opportunities but also present to be potential conflicts of interest.  The identification and management of perceived conflicts of interest are necessary in order to safeguard our core missions -- the scientific integrity of our research, the learning environment of our students and trainees, and the clinical care of our patients. Guided by the principles of transparency and accountability, our COI office supports successful academia-industry collaborations through the development and implementation of policies, processes, and oversight. The office has a full-time administrative staff and is supported by several advisory committees/working groups that include our faculty members; a Financial Conflict of Interest in Research Committee and a multidisciplinary Faculty Business Conflicts Committee.

Our office:

  • Oversees the faculty and research staff’s Annual Report of Outside Relationships
  • Evaluates financial relationships for potential conflicts of interest
  • Implements management plans for research, business, and institutional conflicts of interest
  • Evaluates faculty personal consulting agreements
  • Provides COI education and training

Industry relationships reported by faculty are posted on our website. We collaborate closely with Mount Sinai Innovations Partners, the Corporate Compliance Office and the Program for the Protection of Human Subjects.