Business Conflicts of Interest

A business conflict of interest arises when a relationship with, or a financial interest in, an Outside Entity could be reasonably perceived as influencing the duties and responsibilities (administrative, clinical, and/ or research) of an individual to Mount Sinai. Review the Mount Sinai Business Conflict of Interest Policy

Business Management Plan

A business management plan is issued when a faculty member, or related party, has a financial interest with an outside entity that is judged to be a potential conflict of interest or conflict of commitment.

These activities include:

  • Equity ownership in an outside company
  • Intellectual property licensed to an outside company
  • Fiduciary responsibility to an outside company
  • Involvement in a Mount Sinai start-up

The elements of a Business Management Plan include:

  • Documentation of financial interests
  • Disclosure requirements
  • Oversight requirements
  • Restrictions on research and clinical activities