Foreign Influence

National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded investigators must report foreign support and foreign components of research. Specific guidance about this is available at the Grants and Contracts Office website.

What is a foreign component of research?

As defined by the NIH, a foreign component is the performance of any significant element or segment of the project outside the United States, either by the grantee or by a researcher employed by a foreign institution, whether or not grant funds are expended.

Foreign influence questions are included in the eDMS Disclosure Profile. Information will be asked/obtained about potential foreign influence including:

  • Foreign travel
  • Foreign academic appointments
  • Collaboration with investigators at a foreign site anticipated to result in co-authorship
  • Use of facilities or instrumentation at a foreign site
  • Receipt of financial support or resources from a foreign government, foreign university, foreign charity, or foreign business

Some examples of significant foreign interests include but are not limited to equity in a foreign company and foreign patents that leverage U.S. taxpayer work.

For more information regarding disclosure of other support and foreign components of research, please visit the NIH’s FAQ page for further guidance.