Research Integrity

The National Institutes of Health (NIH)/Office for Research Integrity (ORI) and the Mount Sinai Health System have developed policies and procedures to address research misconduct.

Research Misconduct

Research Misconduct is defined as falsification, fabrication, or plagiarism (42 CFR Part 93). The Mount Sinai definition of research misconduct is broader than the NIH/ORI definition and applies to all research conducted under the auspices of the School of Medicine (Faculty Handbook). Note: authorship disputes that do not include plagiarism are not considered as research misconduct. Issues of authorship dispute should be brought to the attention of the departmental chairperson.

Contact: Research Integrity Officer (RIO)
Reginald W. Miller, DVM
(212) 241-3006 (Direct)
After hours reporting: 1-800-853-9212

Research Compliance

Research Compliance is part of the Mount Sinai Health System robust compliance program whose role is to provide oversight, education and monitoring of the research activities.

We provide regulatory guidance on clinical trial management and provide example-based education regarding clinical trial conduct and regulatory compliance. We conduct internal audits to ensure that the human subject research conducted at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinaimeets federal as well as institutional regulations and to ensure that trial data is accurate, complete and verifiable.

As part of our work plan, we monitor conflicts of interest in research programs, which include proper disclosure and auditing of the management plans of the FCOIR committee.

Investigators have found our services invaluable in helping them prepare for an outside audit or site visit from federal agencies such as the U.S. Food & Drug Administration or other monitoring programs. We therefore, expect that the investigator will contact us in these circumstances so that we can provide guidance and pre-review for these studies.

We believe in partnering with the investigative team to provide the necessary tools in assisting them with their research efforts.

Contact: Vivian Mitropoulou MA, CHRC
(646) 605-7120 (Direct)