Mount Sinai Institute for Systems Biomedicine

Message From the Director

Many complex diseases manifest themselves differently in different people. Examples include kidney diseases, diabetic nephropathy, heart failure, and aneurysms.

Understanding the reasons for these variabilities is essential for the effective treatment of individuals. Precision Medicine is a new and integrative approach that takes into account genetic and environmental differences of individuals in order to predict the progression and treatment of disease. Precision Medicine requires a holistic systems‐based approach in order to understand how an individual’s genomic characteristics are translated into physiology under different environmental circumstances.

Built on pioneering research in basic systems biology, the Institute for Systems Biomedicine is establishing dialogue between multiple disciplines to develop tomorrow’s precision medicine.

Our research is supported by the Systems Biology Center grant, funding by the National Institutes of Health. We use convergent approaches to integrate cell biology and human physiology with pathophysiology and electronic medical record data to understand distinctive characteristics of disease in individuals and the broader disease features that are common across greater patient populations. We use this data to develop computational diagnostic programs for clinical decision support and novel therapeutics.

Ravi Iyengar, PhD
Dorothy H. and Lewis Rosenstiel Professor
Mount Sinai Institute of Systems Biomedicine