Cultural Diversity in Education

Diverse educational offerings focus on training clinicians in the understanding and application of integrative approaches to healthcare. The goal is to create physicians skilled in the delivery and teaching of integrative family care to culturally diverse and underserved populations.

Educational Programs

  • Interprofessional Program in Integrative Healthcare
    A nine-month in-depth course for physicians, nurse practitioners and other health professionals. The program provides an overview of important modalities in integrative medicine as well as the integrative approach to common clinical problems.

  • Medical Student Education – Elective in Integrative Medicine

    Mount Sinai medical students are invited to create a tailor-made elective in Integrative Medicine, chosen from integrative nutrition, integrative consults and primary care, mind-body medicine, and others areas. They work through the medical school office in tandem with Raymond Teets, MD. For more information, contact Raymond Teets, MD at

    Medical Students are also invited to participate in the interest group, Students for Integrative Medicine, facilitated by Raymond Teets, MD. The interest group has often sponsored an evening course in Integrative Medicine to allow students to get a better sense of the field.

IFH Sponsored Fellowship

Integrative Medicine Educational Events

Conferences, webinars, and podcasts provide us the opportunity to further explore the principles and practice of integrative healthcare, as well as the ability to stay up to date on developments in the field.

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  • Conferences