Interprofessional Program in Integrative Healthcare

The Interprofessional Program in Integrative Healthcare is a nine-month in-depth course for physicians, nurse practitioners and other health professionals. The program provides an overview of important modalities in integrative medicine as well as the integrative approach to common clinical problems. It also includes biweekly interdisciplinary case conferences in which participants present cases from their own practices for discussion. This curriculum gives participants the knowledge base needed to incorporate integrative approaches into both their clinical practice and their teaching activities.

The course meets virtually on Zoom from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm on Tuesdays from September to June.

The cost of the program is currently $2,400 a year. There is a reduced fee for Mount Sinai affiliated-staff of $1,200 a year. We encourage program graduates to continue to attend the weekly meetings after they have completed the program and to continue to bring their clinical cases to our case conference sessions.

Curriculum Content

The content of the program is offered through a mix of didactics and case conferences.

The didactics are divided between “modality-based” sessions covering specific therapeutic approaches; and “system/condition-based” sessions demonstrating the application of these approaches to specific medical conditions. Format of these modules are a mix of experiential and power-point presentations, with frequent opportunity for questions and discussion.

The case conferences present a unique opportunity to discuss a range of cases with a multidisciplinary faculty which includes practitioners of allopathic medicine, Chinese medicine, psychotherapy, naturopathy, and nutrition. These case conferences take place bi-weekly virtually via Zoom. Participants present cases from their own practices to gain feedback on how the integrative approach might apply to that case. These cases then can also lead to further discussion of further clinical topics, as applicable. Faculty is rotated through the case conference to ensure the presence of a diversity of disciplines and philosophies of healing.

The full program schedule is available on request.

For information on this program please contact our Education Coordinator at 929-237-9821. To apply to this program, fill out an application for this program and email the completed application to

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