T32 Training Grant

Training Program in Mechanisms of Virus-Host Interactions

The training program in Mechanisms of Virus-Host Interactions is a multidisciplinary program committed to training graduate students, medical students, and postdoctoral fellows. Comprised of faculty of two leading biomedical research institutions located in New York City, our missions are studying biomedically important questions and training scientists to pursue virus-host interactions. 

The Training Program is a collaborative research enterprise comprised of faculty derived from Departments and Institutes at the Icahn school of Medicine (ISMMS) and NYU School of Medicine (NYUSM). Trainees benefit from interactions with a diverse group of scientists and participate in the research activities at both institutions.

Virus-Host Symposium on June 19, 2017 at the New York Academy of Medicine (1216 5th Ave, New York, NY 10029). 

We are focused on antiviral development, immunology, molecular virology, oncogenesis (viral and cellular), and vaccine development.

  • The Global Health and Emerging Pathogens Institute at ISMMS explores newly emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases that threaten world health. The institute is comprised of clinical and basic science investigators with a common interest in creating therapeutics against emerging infectious diseases.
  • The Department of Medicine at ISMMS focuses on revolutionizing the practice of medicine, identifying new approaches to treatments, and providing insights that improve our understanding of human diseases.
  • The Department of Microbiology at NYUSM emphasizes the mechanisms of microbial pathogenesis, host defense mechanisms, molecular genetics, oncogenesis, growth factors and cytokines, and regulation of gene expression.
  • The Department of Pathology at NYUSM conducts basic research in molecular genetics, oncology, immunochemistry, and cellular immunology. Trainees become proficient in the basics of both immunology and molecular oncology.

By combining the strengths of outstanding groups of virologists, we have created a world-class Training Program that is of enormous benefit to the research community in New York.

Our program is designed to train exemplary candidates in virology using resources both within and outside our institutions.

Our specific aims are to:

  • Recruit and provide rigorous training to high caliber students and fellows
  • Provide an administrative structure that support and coordinate virology training between ISMMS and NYUSM

This program aids trainees in all phases of their development including understanding scientific method, interpretation of results, presentation of data and conclusions, and research ethics. We also provide career guidance.

Our trainees also benefit from participating in the Bi-Annual Virus-Host Interactions Symposiums, the core course of the multidisciplinary PhD program, weekly journal club, weekly laboratory data sessions, and departmental and institutional research conferences. We provide our trainees with the necessary skills and training to embark on careers as research scientists.