International Travel Risk Mitigation Program

Mount Sinai has established a comprehensive International Travel Risk Mitigation Program for individuals on approved Mount Sinai Travel. This program consists of two parts, International Travel Medical Insurance underwritten by AIG and International Travel Medical and Security Assistance and Risk Services provided by International SOS. In combination, these ensure that international travelers have access to the services and coverage they require to ensure safe, secure, responsible travel, and in the event of an urgent or emergent health need, have access to adequate healthcare services.  International SOS will work behind the scenes with AIG to coordinate payment on your behalf.

International SOS

International SOS provides a variety of services for travelers, including emergency medical and security evacuation/repatriation assistance, 24-hour access to International SOS coordinating doctors and multilingual assistance professionals, routine and emergency medical advice and referrals, 24-hour access to a global team of security experts, outpatient case management, guarantee of medical expenses, emergency message transmission, translation/interpretation services, lost document advice and assistance, and legal advice referrals. International SOS also offers a video providing more information.

AIG International Travel Medical Insurance

The travel medical insurance provides Mount Sinai travelers with coverage for urgent and emergent medical care. In addition, it offers some coverage for dental emergencies and a bedside visit or emergency reunion, in case of hospitalization. In conjunction with international travel taken on behalf of Mount Sinai, coverage is also extended for international personal travel of up to 14 continuous days. View a list of important exclusions.

Eligibility & Enrollment

Enrollment and coverage under the International Travel Risk Mitigation Program is provided to eligible students, residents, fellows, faculty employees, and staff employees. In order to be eligible for coverage you must be on “Mount Sinai Travel” for some or all of your international trip.

Remember to periodically check Mount Sinai’s Travel Policy for updated travel guidelines.

Traveler Action Items

All travelers must register each work-related trip with International SOS. Only international work-related travel must be registered with International SOS, NOT personal travel.

You can contact International SOS (+1 215-942-8226) at any time for travel safety advice or in the event of an emergency using Mount Sinai’s membership number (11BYSG000018). The ISOS portal can provide important country-specific pre-trip advice as well. You should also print out your membership card and keep it on you at all times while traveling. Lastly, we encourage you to download the ISOS app in order to receive location updates, news alerts, and easily check in with International SOS during an emergency.