MD/PhD Program

The MD/PhD Program at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai offers you the training you need to succeed as a physician-scientist. Our Program, which is an NIH-funded Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), combines clinical education with next-generation research in a translational environment. The Program is highly personalized, allowing you to choose your own multidisciplinary training area (MTA), corresponding curriculum, and thesis research preceptor.

Your training begins the summer before your first year of medical school with a laboratory rotation of your choice and our Problem Solving in Biomedical Science course. Through lectures and collaborative problem solving, this course is designed to develop your analytical thinking skills and introduce you to current disease-oriented research problems.

After the summer course, you begin our integrated MD/PhD curriculum with our Biomedical Science for MD/PhDs course, which builds on the medical school curriculum using a series of lectures, tutorials, and graduate-level journal clubs.

Clinical experiences will be an important part of your curriculum from the very beginning. During your graduate school years, you may choose to carry out your thesis research in any of seven different multidisciplinary training areas:

Then, after defending your thesis, you’ll return to ISMSS for the last two years of clinical rotations—thereby completing your MD degree. To facilitate your transition back to the clinic, we offer a clinical refresher course, as well as a number of other clinical enrichment activities.

Program Leadership and Staff

Margaret H. Baron, MD, PhD - Director

Eric Nestler, MD, PhD - Senior Advisor

Talia Swartz, MD, PhD - Associate Director

Florence Marlow, PhD - Associate 

Bianca Taylor, MSEd - Program Manager