1. MD-PhD Program

Curriculum and Program Structure

The MD-PhD Program at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai offers a dynamic and comprehensive curriculum, meticulously crafted for students aspiring to excel in both medical and research domains. This program lays a robust foundation in biomedical research and clinical practice, effectively equipping students to evolve into leading physician-scientists who can translate scientific breakthroughs into tangible improvements in patient care.

The journey begins with the Pre-Clerkship Phase, encompassing essential courses in anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and pathology, coupled with hands-on patient care experiences and didactic exercises. Following the completion of USMLE Step 1, students embark on the PhD research phase, where they collaborate with world-class investigators across various disciplines. Throughout their tenure in the program, students benefit from the dedicated mentorship of faculty members and access to an extensive range of resources, including state-of-the-art laboratories and advanced research tools. Post-PhD, the program continues into clinical training and career development phases, strategically designed to guide students as they make informed decisions about their future paths post-graduation.

Program Structure

The MD-PhD Program is highly personalized, providing students with their choice of multidisciplinary training areas, corresponding curriculum, and further options for research advisors.

Pre-Clerkship Phase

Students begin by completing the Pre-Clerkship Phase, which includes anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and pathology. Before starting in the laboratory, students will engage in clinical learning through hands-on patient care experiences and didactic exercises. In addition to the medical school curriculum, you will focus on finding a research mentor and a laboratory through individualized advising with MD-PhD leadership and Multidisciplinary Training Areas directors.

PhD Phase

Following the conclusion of the Pre-Clerkship (plus time to prepare and take the USMLE Step 1), you transition to a full-time PhD student. During this phase, you first rotate in laboratories to identify your research mentor, then pursue advanced courses recommended by your selected Multidisciplinary Training Area, and a doctoral dissertation with guidance from your thesis advisor and thesis advisory committee. Learn more about the PhD Phase.

Clerkships and Exploration and Differentiation Phases

The clinical portion of the MD-PhD program typically begins during your sixth or seventh year at the Icahn School of Medicine. You will focus on clinical rotations and residency preparation during these last two phases. Learn more about the final phases.