1. MD-PhD Program
Student Life

Student Life and Resources

Being an MD-PhD student at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai means belonging to a vibrant community, enjoying opportunities to explore your passions, and developing professionally while building lasting friendships.

Our mission is to train all MD-PhD students within a warm and inclusive community that helps them become rigorous, compassionate, and innovative physician-scientists. Our students are an exceptional group of individuals who are passionate about medicine and research. They are also well-rounded, as evidenced by the many MD-PhD students who engage in community service, mentoring, and advocacy.

We acknowledge our MD-PhD students as full partners in shaping our MSTP community and culture. Together with them, and with the support systems of the Graduate School and Medical School, we aim to serve as a dynamic hub of resources for MD-PhD students, both professionally and personally.

Student Groups

MD-PhD students at Icahn Mount Sinai have access to a vibrant range of MD-PhD student groups that cater specifically to their unique interests and experiences. These groups offer students the opportunity to connect, share their experiences,  collaborate on research projects and outreach initiatives, and have fun.

In addition to MD-PhD-specific student groups, students are encouraged to participate in the many other student groups throughout Icahn Mount Sinai. These groups span many interests—from service organizations to cultural and affinity groups to professional development groups. Engaging in these provides our students with the chance to broaden their perspectives, connect with students from different backgrounds, and explore new interests.

MD-PhD Annual Retreat

The MD-PhD Annual Retreat is a three-day, two-night event outside of New York City designed to help students unwind, connect and engage in activities that promote personal and professional development.

The retreat offers a comprehensive program, including a state of the program address, a physician-scientist keynote speech, an alumni panel, student research talks and poster sessions, and workshops on topics like career paths, time management, and work-life balance. There is plenty of time for structured and unstructured fun through team-building exercises, hiking, trivia, board games, paddleball, and much more.

Medical Scientist Training Program Service Award

In this student-nominated, student-selected award, all students in the MD-PhD Program are invited to nominate and vote for a nominee who has demonstrated exemplary service to the MSTP. Examples of service to the MSTP include but are not limited to:

  • Admissions and recruitment initiatives
  • Development and/or leadership of MSTP student activities
  • Demonstrated commitment to anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Educational initiatives and teaching
  • Student advising