1. MD-PhD Program

Message From The Director

Welcome to the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, also known as the MD-PhD Program. Our mission is to train a diverse group of students in an inclusive community, helping them become rigorous, visionary, and resilient physician-scientists. 

Our MD-PhD Program is situated in the heart of New York City and has been continuously funded since 1977 by an MSTP training grant from the National Institutes of Health. Throughout the Mount Sinai Health System, we provide care to patients, and in one of the most racially and ethnically diverse zip codes in the country.

As staunch advocates of multidisciplinary teamwork, clinical and translational focus, and scientific innovation, we support our trainees in personalized paths. Our MD-PhD Program offers tailored advising in career, academics, and wellness, emphasizing student growth through collaboration in individualized development plans.

In navigating our dual-degree curriculum, students combine four years of medical school with graduate courses, earning a PhD degree between their pre-clinical and clinical training. Each PhD degree is earned in one of our Multidisciplinary Training Areas:

During our admissions process, we seek to identify dynamic individuals from a variety of backgrounds. We look for a demonstrated love and aptitude for biomedical research, a drive for patient-centered work, and physician-scientist career aspirations. We value intellectual curiosity, love of science, patient advocacy, collaboration, community, and empathy.

On a national and global scale, our alumni are leading efforts to transform patient care through careers in academic medicine, government, and industry.

The MD-PhD Program is a place where we are committed to each other’s success and thriving.

We can’t wait for you to learn more!

Talia H. Swartz, MD, PhD
MSTP MD-PhD Program Director
Senior Associate Dean for MD-PhD Education