Special Courses

At the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, we offer several special courses for our MD/PhD students. Course offerings include:

Problem Solving in Biomedical Science

This course is designed to introduce you to current disease-oriented research problems through lectures and collaborative problem solving. In each session, we will explore experimental model systems and paradigms that are advancing biomedical science. We use a problem-based learning approach to help you develop experimental design and scientific critical thinking skills.

Course Directors: Margaret H. Baron, MD, PhD, Benjamin Chen, MD, PhD, and Talia Swartz, MD, PhD

MD/PhD Clinical Refresher

This eight week course is designed to facilitate the transition from your PhD training years to your clinical medicine years. The course incorporates practical and didactic sessions to help you regain familiarity with history taking, physical examination skills, written and oral presentations, and clinical reasoning. You will receive a full day orientation re-introducing the fundamentals of history taking and physical examination skills.

The course is split up into four sections: Clinical Basics Orientation, Module 1: Supervised patient care, Inpatient shadowing, and Module 2: Individual patient care.

From these four sections there will be six weeks of direct patient encounters, during which students will practice their oral and written presentations and participate in didactic case discussions led by field experts. The course incorporates board-style questions into each weekly topic, thereby introducing the concept of multiple-choice format clinical reasoning.

By the end of the course, you will be able to conduct history and physical examinations, present in both written and oral forms, interpret and assimilate clinical data to create differential diagnoses, and review pathophysiology of common disease processes.

Course Directors: Jenny J. Lin, MD, MPH, and Talia H. Swartz, MD, PhD

Biomedical Sciences for MD/PhDs

Our Biomedical Sciences for MD/PhDs course is a one-year graduate core course tailored for MD/PhD students. The fall offering of this course (BSR1017) is designed to present concepts in biochemistry, cell biology, and molecular genetics, and occurs concurrently with the medical school course Molecular, Cellular and Genomic Foundations (MCG). The medical school MCG course provides a broad molecular and cellular framework for understanding normal physiology, with an emphasis on concepts related to human disease. Our course provides a parallel lecture series with an emphasis on mechanisms, methodological approaches, and experimental context that will help you understand the basis of our current knowledge. Tutorial Sessions are integrated into the course, and include journal club sessions focussed on experimental concepts and critical reasoning.

The spring offering of the course (BSR1018) presents more advanced concepts in cell biology, cell physiology, immunology and microbiology, stem cells and differentiation, animal models of human disease, and aging.

Course Directors: Benjamin Chen, MD,PhD, and Matthew O'Connell, PhD