Program Structure

The MD/PhD Program at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai offers you the training you need to be a leader in academic investigative medicine. Our program is highly personalized and offers flexibility in the choice of a Multidisciplinary Training Area (MTA), corresponding curriculum. and research advisors. We also offer flexible paths through the program. 

Preclinical Years

Your preclinical training begins the summer before your first year of medical school and ends after the second year. In addition to the medical school curriculum, you will focus on laboratory rotations and finding a thesis advisor.

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PhD Years

You begin as a full PhD student following the conclusion of the second year medical school curriculum and the time given to study for and take the first step of the National Board Medical Licensing Exam. During this time, you will work with your thesis advisor and pursue advanced courses recommended by your selected training area.

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Clinical Years

The clinical portion of the MD/PhD program, your third year of medical education, typically begins during the sixth or seventh year of the program. During these last two years, you will focus on clinical rotations and preparing for a residency program.

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MD/PhD Program Academic Calendar