Meet the Team

Meet the dedicated team of our Biorepository and Pathology CoRE.

Rachel Brody, MD, PhD
Scientific CoRE Director
Tel: 212-241-0678
Location: Anbg 15-05 (office)

Tin Htwe Thin, PhD
Senior Scientist/Manager
Tel: 212-241-9138
Location: Atran 6-10

Michael J. Donovan, PhD, MD
Tel: 212-241-4868
Location: Anbg 15-56 (office)

Rafael Cabal-Manzano, MD
Tel: 212-241-2841
Location: Anbg 15-70 (office), Anbg 24-16 (laboratory)

Javier Martin-Fernandez
Project Coordinator/Data Manager
Tel: 212-241-2841
Location: Anbg 15-24 (office)

Olha Fedoryshyn
Tel: 212-241-2841 (office), 212-241-2408 (laboratory)
Location: Anbg 15-24 (office), Anbg 15-11 (laboratory) 

Daniel Robins, MD
Tel: 646-656-0568
Location: Mount Sinai Beth Israel, Fierman 3F01 (office)

Yayoi Kinoshita, DMD
Macromolecular (DNA/RNA) CoRE/Biorepository
Tel: 212-241-4414
Location: Atran 6-10 (laboratory), Anbg 15-11 (laboratory)

Alan Soto
Tel: 212-241-7582
Location: Atran 6-10 (laboratory) 

Anastasiya Dzhun
Tel: 212-241-7582
Location: Anbg 15-24

Fran Avila
Associate Researcher
Tel: 212-241-7582
Location: Atran 6-10 

Roni Sussman
Program Assistant
Tel: 917-562-7957
Location: Anbg 15-05  

For compliance and funding purposes, it is crucially important that you acknowledge the Biorepository and Pathology Dean’s CoRE in all publications and grants that include data derived from our facility.