Below we respond to the most frequently asked questions about Flow Cytometry.

A: Yes! We train you to operate both the analyzers and the cells sorters. Please navigate to the iLabs page to request the level of training you require.

A: The CoRE provides acquisition and sorting of your prepared samples. Please select a technician when you make an instrument reservation to attach the appropriate CoRE staff.

If you require additional services such as sample preparation and data analysis, please contact the CoRE manager.

A: No. All reagents are the responsibility of the individual researcher. The CoRE can assist you in deciding what to use, but we don’t have any stocks of repositories.

A: Yes! All our sorters can deposit exactly one (or more if you want) cell into each well of any format plate up to 384 well.

A: We are very flexible with some basic requirements: >95% aqueous with a low level of protein supplement (less than 2% serum or 1% BSA). If you are using a membrane impermeant viability dye (DAPI, PI, DRAQ7) it must be included in the final sample to maintain equilibrium.

A: Please feel free to ask questions of the Flow Cytometry CoRE staff or contact our manager directly. We are happy to provide consultation, tips and techniques, and scientific and technical input to assist all your flow cytometry needs.