Rates and other FAQs

Q: Is there an itemized cost break down for the Freezer Farm facility’s services?

A: Yes, if, required Tamjeed Sikder can provide you with an itemized cost breakdown.

Shelf rental per month: $100
Rental fee for storing PI Owned Freezer: $450
HFF -80/-20 Whole Freezer Rental per freezer/month (2019): $300
HFF -80/-20 Whole Freezer Rental per freezer/month (2020): $450

Following are our responses to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Freezer Farm facility.

A: Our hours of operation are Monday thru Friday 9 am to 5 pm.

A: Your freezer(s) and/or samples can be arranged to be moved by contacting the facility manager Tamjeed Sikder or Alan Soto who will inform you of the necessary forms that would need to be filled out, of the space availability, and an appropriate date and time to relocate your valuable material.

A: We are located in the Hess building, Floor SC2M, Room 106. Access to the facility is restricted and monitored to secure our client’s valuable samples; coordinating a sample deposit and/or withdrawal is recommended for proper monitoring of the facility.

A: Absolutely, a tour of the facility can be coordinated with the manager at an arranged time. The manager and staff will explain the facility’s functions, hours of operation, and answer queries you may have while touring the facility.

A: Yes, in partnership with Brooks Life Sciences your freezer(s) can also be stored at their freezer facility in the Bronx. Please contact the Freezer Farm manager Tamjeed Sikder or Alan Soto, who will contect you with Brook Life Sciences’s management. They will also  guide you through the necessary paper work and personnel to transfer your valuable material.