The Irradiator CoRE offers a number of crucial services to biomedical investigators. We provide you, as an investigator, with access to a Precision X-Ray, X-RAD 320 for irradiation of tissue culture cells and mice.

The irradiator is located in the Icahn Medical Institute rodent barrier facility, and is operated by the Research Coordinator. All scheduling is done through a web-based calendar in iLab, where you may reserve irradiator time in 15 minute increments. The irradiator is operated Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

We irradiate tissue culture cells and mice at the dose rates that you and your laboratory staff indicate when you bring samples to the CoRE. Your individual laboratory is responsible for ensuring that the cells and animals receive the proper dosage. We assess a service fee of $15 for each 15 minutes of reserved irradiator time. 

Please remember that it is important for you to acknowledge the Irradiator CoRE in all publications that include any data derived from our facility.