CoRE Informatics

Our experts provide training and support for the new era of digital microscopy. Our centralized data server provides data archiving and processing services. We automate tasks and procedures to ensure you always have quantifiable and reproducible data. The CoRE is able to handle multi-TB datasets for acquisition, storage, and analysis.

Please consult with us for all image acquisition and analysis needs.


Acquifer HIVE storage system

Acquifer HIVE

  • Centralized and safe data storage and retrieval (50TB RAID 6 storage, 10TB SSD)
  • Automation scripts for stitching, deconvolution, and Airyscan processing
  • High-end processing (256GB RAM, 24 Cores, 16GB GRAM)
  • 10 Gbit connectivity to instruments
  • Remote desktop connection to analyze data from your desk

4D Analysis Workstation:

  • High-end processing (128GB RAM, 24 Cores, 16GB GRAM)
  • High-speed data transfer (10Gbit Ethernet, 2TB SSD)

2D/3D Analysis Workstation:

  • High-end processing (32GB RAM, 16 Cores, 8GB GRAM)
  • High-speed data transfer (10Gbit Ethernet)
  • Automation scripts and macros for Metamorph, ImageJ, and Cellprofiler


Visualization software flier

Our high-end work stations are equipped with the latest image processing and analysis software:

  • Bitplane Imaris
  • Arivis Vision 4D                                                               
  • AutoQuantX3 Deconvolution
  • Huygens Professional Deconvolution
  • MetaMorph Image Analysis
  • Volocity 3D Image Analysis
  • Amira 3D Image Analysis
  • Matlab
  • Terrastitcher
  • Image J
  • LASX
  • ZEN blue/black
  • Olympus FV


  • End-to-end project support
  • Pipeline development
  • ImageJ Macros
  • Matlab Scripts
  • Image analysis training
  • Consulting