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  • Raymond Teets, MD presented on Integrative Cancer Care at The Blavatnik Family Chelsea Medical Center on November 17, 2021 in recognition of Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Click here for the power point presentation.

  • Measuring Well-Being: Summary of Joint VA-NCCIH Forum
    In June 2021, the VA and NCCIH met to discuss strategies on improving measurement of holistic well-being outcomes in research, clinical care, and population health promotion. Results of the forum will impact the inclusion of measures of well-being in clinical trials and other intervention studies.

    The forum was co-chaired by Ben Kligler, MD, Professor of Family and Community Medicine at Icahn Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Executive Director of the VHA’s Office of Patient Centered Care and Cultural Transformation and Dawne Vogt, PhD, Research Psychologist, VA. Click here for the meeting summary.
  • Slides of the talk Integrative Medicine Approach to COVID-19presented to the Mount Sinai Downtown and Harlem Residents in Urban Family Medicine by Anup Bhandiwad, MD.

    Of note: There is also some evidence for nasal rinsing of the sinuses to decrease the COVID-19 viral load which is being investigated at Stanford, NYU, and several other universities. Because of the concern of a risk of contamination or/or aerosolization, when a neti pot or nasal irrigator is used it should be cleaned well after each use and not shared with others.

  • Raymond Teets, MD and Hyowoun Jyung, MD contributed a poster presentation to the IM4US Annual Conference on the smart phrase research study they conducted for the Integrative Medicine Program in the Department of Family Medicine.