EPPIC-Net is a program of the National Institute of Health (NIH) HEAL Initiative’s Pain Research Program, whose purpose is to enhance the treatment of acute and chronic pain and reduce reliance on opioids by accelerating early-phase clinical trials of non-addictive treatments for pain.  EPPIC-Net will test new pain treatments in hopes that these new non-addictive treatments could be used in practice in the future, with biomarkers. The network will support clinical trials focused on investigational drugs and biologics, investigational devices, natural products, and surgical procedures for the treatment of pain.

EPPIC-Net includes a CCC, a DCC and 11 Specialized Clinical Centers, each with multiple sites. The Specialized Clinical Centers patientscan be recruited for participation in trials, including children, people over 65, veterans, patients involved with different subspecialties (e.g., dentistry, gynecology, oncology, urology), and people of various races and ethnicities.

EPPIC-NET Principle Investigators

Jessica Robinson-Papp, MD

EPPIC-NET Co-Investigators

Yousaf Ali, MBBS

Charles Ascher-Walsh, MD

Thomas Bryce, MD

Alex Federman, MD

Jeffrey Glassberg, MD

Nathan Goldstein, MD

Peter Gorevic, MD

Noam Harel, MD, PhD

Michael Hausman, MD

Andrew Hecht, MD

Adilia Hormigo, MD, PhD

Yasmin Hurd, PhD

Ula Hwang, MD, MPH

Nathalie Jette, MD

Alex Manini, MD

Brett Miles, DDS, MD

William Mitchell, MD

Guy Montgomery, PhD

James Murrough, MD

Benjamin Natelson, MD

David Putrino, PhD

Lynne Richardson, MD

David Simpson, MD

An-Li Wang, PhD

Venetia Zachariou, PhD

James J. Peters VA Medical Center

Ula Y. Hwang, MD, MPH

Northwell Health

Roberto Alfonso Duarte, MD


Angela Starkweather, PhD