The Department of Cell, Developmental and Regenerative Biology’s faculty members are a large part of Mount Sinai’s research and academic communities. Our faculty members run their own labs and provide our trainees with a comprehensive education in developmental and regenerative biology.

Primary Faculty

Bieker, James J.: Red blood cell differentiation

Blenkinsop, Timothy: Retina disease and regeneration

Cagan, Ross L.: Disease/Development in Drosophila

Cai, Chen-Leng: Heart development & regeneration

Chess, Andrew: Regulating gene expression mechanisms

Dubois, Nicole C.: Stem cells to model heart development and disease

Ezhkova, Elena: The role of epignetic regulators in stem cell control

Ghaffari, Saghi: Stem cell development and metabolism

Kelley, Kevin A.: Transgenic and knockout mice

Krauss, Robert S.: Adhesion/signaling in development

Marlow, Florence: Germline stem cells, fertility and polarity

Mlodzik, Marek: Wnt-Frizzled signaling & cell polarity.

Moore, Kateri: Hematopoietic stem cells and their niche.

Rendl, Michael: Stem cell niche formation.

Sidi, Samuel: Target Discovery in Cancer.

Sokol, Sergei Y.: Cell polarity and signaling.

Soriano, Philippe M.: Vertebrate developmental signaling.

Wang, Jianlong: Pluripotency network in ES cells.

Wassarman, Paul M.: Mammalian fertilization.

Zwaka, Thomas: Pluripotency, Cellular Diversity, and Multicellularity