1. Clinical Research Education Program
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Message From the Director

If you aspire to meaningfully impact the lives of people in your community and society at large and contribute to new advances in human health, we encourage you to explore the compelling training opportunities within our Clinical Research Education Program. Joining our program is an important step in your educational journey and in moving toward an exciting career dedicated to advancing the well-being of others. Our nurturing, highly mentored, academically rigorous, and competency-based degree programs in clinical and translational science are designed to catalyze your critical thinking, propel your analytical acumen, and enable you to embrace new fields of scientific inquiry.

Clinical research training will uniquely position you to harness the promise of scientific discovery to improve the human condition, address complex disease challenges, and advance individual as well as population health. Our degree granting programs encourage students to be process innovators, system thinkers, domain experts, influential leaders, and successful contributors to the evolving landscape of team science. As such, our program prepares our graduates to conduct cutting-edge, hypothesis-driven, and practice-changing clinical investigation.

From its inception, our program has championed the development of an equity lens among our trainees. Our curriculum—through case and activity-based required coursework—is designed to advance justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, cultural and community awareness, and an anti-racist mindset as core tenets of socially responsible clinical investigations. Our onboarding initiative for first-year students, curriculum mapped coursework—emphasizing study design and statistical methods—career development activities, and mentored research experiences, prepare candidates to become active members of the clinical research professional ecosystem and often inspire the pursuit of additional advanced degrees in medicine and science.

Recent graduates have pursued medical degrees, PhDs in biomedical science, and successfully competed for residencies and careers in industry, pharma, biotech, government, and on Wall Street. Our graduates have gone on to become entrepreneurs; developed new technologies and clinically impactful devices; identified novel therapeutics; provided compelling data to better inform treatment decisions; delineated health disparities and provided solutions to advance health equity; developed innovative algorithms and biomarkers to guide treatment decisions; and published meta-analyses to delineate the weight of the evidence for or against specific approaches to care. These are just a few of the impactful examples of clinical and translational science pursued by students in and graduates of our Clinical Research Education Program.

Clinical research education offers compelling opportunities in rapidly emerging transdisciplinary fields including global health; social justice; bioethical principles of artificial intelligence, digital health and quantified self; novel therapeutic discovery and development; diagnostics and biomarker development; first-in-human approaches; innovative trial designs that more rapidly advance treatment outlooks for many diseases; genome editing strategies; and the rapidly evolving field of precision medicine.

Whatever your ultimate interest, we invite you to join us. We are confident you will come away with a rich and meaningful educational experience that will serve to guide your future aspirations and contribute immensely to your success in advancing human health.

Janice Gabrilove, MD
Director, Clinical Research Education Program
Co-Director, PORTAL Program (MD/MSCR)