Student Handbook

The Student Handbook contributes toward our objectives It is designed to provide you not only with a reference source detailing the relevant school policies, procedures, and programs that affect your day-to-day functions as a student but also with a guide to an understanding and clarification of its components. As such, we hope you will find it a useful distillation of the cumulative experiences of those who have dealt with the many school, state, and federal rules and regulations that affect student interests. It should be read carefully and used as a reference whenever any questions concerning policy or procedures arise.

Our mission is to nurture a visionary community of students, staff, faculty, and leaders who are committed to advancing exceptional clinical care and science that is free of racism and oppression in all its forms.

While this handbook serves to clarify and codify, it remains just a guide and should not limit individual potential or preferences. On the contrary, it should assist you in choosing from the wide range of educational and counseling opportunities available to you. To enhance your flexibility as you undertake your studies, the Administration and the Faculty are prepared to review and modify procedures and programs to improve overall effectiveness and, when appropriate, in response to individual student needs. Your suggestions and comments are welcomed and should be forwarded through individual members of the Faculty, the Department of Medical Education, or through one of your various student representatives who serve you in committee functions.

Again, welcome and best wishes for a happy and productive year.

Dennis Charney, MD
Dean, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

David Muller, MD
Dean for Medical Education