MD Program

At the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS), we are committed to nurturing creative minds and bold thinkers who want to change the face of science and medicine in service to society.

Our mission is to nurture a visionary community of students, staff, faculty, and leaders who are committed to advancing exceptional clinical care and science that is free of racism and oppression in all its forms.

The Icahn School of Medicine is the medical and graduate school of the Mount Sinai Health System—the largest healthcare network in New York City. Our unique location, at the intersection of East Harlem and the Upper East Side, affords our students the opportunity of gaining exposure to diverse communities—an unparalleled clinical experience.

The MD Program at ISMMS combines the most progressive, technologically advanced, scientifically based education with the goal of improving societal health care needs locally in New York City and around the world. We explicitly blur the traditional distinction between pre-clinical and clinical years by integrating the basic sciences across courses as well-initiating students into the clinical environment from their first day of school.