Office for Student Affairs

The mission of the Office for Student Affairs is to promote student success and well-being by providing support, mentorship, and guidance on all aspects of student life throughout medical school and in planning of next career phases. We do this by offering a range of services:

  • A comprehensive system of advising
  • Support for academic needs
  • Programming pertaining to professional development, career planning, specialty selection, and applying for a residency
  • Connections to school and institutional services and departments

We are committed to several priorities.

  • Advocating for your needs, both individual and collective student body
  • Respecting your individuality and that of every student
  • Listening to concerns and partnering on solutions
  • Being available, accessible, and responsive
  • Being accurate and current with our programming and advising
  • Remaining transparent and fair about our policies and  expectations
  • Protecting confidentiality
  • Fostering a diverse and inclusive environment

Advising and Counseling

Our student advisory services begin during orientation and continue throughout all years of school. We encourage you to communicate with faculty advisors whenever questions or problems arise. The Office for Student Affairs can help facilitate advisors who will meet specific academic needs. Mentors for research projects and community projects offer personal, enthusiastic support. You can develop close relationships with faculty members during all four years of medical school and the deans are also available to discuss personal or academic issues. In addition, we offer strong support services for academic remediation, counseling, and health.

Career Counseling

Each clinical department has designated a specific individual to give you advice regarding that discipline. Among other things, this individual will provide career guidance when applying into residency. The department chairs support the residency application process, and are available to speak with you for a residency in their discipline.

We encourage you to meet with clinicians, scientists, and teachers to discuss career opportunities. Career interest groups in family practice, geriatrics, internal medicine, pediatrics, and other specialties offer students a spectrum of role models to choose from. Our extensive electives program is designed to introduce you to physicians and surgeons practicing within a variety of settings.

The Office for Student Affairs coordinates a comprehensive Career Planning Services (CPS) curriculum that covers an array of topics, from finding a mentor, to developing your CV, while department chairs and residency program advisors discuss career opportunities in their fields. As a third-year student, you attend a week-long course designed to allow further exploration of possible career choices and residency opportunities. In addition, CPS offers seminars that focus on interviewing for residency, matching into residency, and more.

Office of the Student Ombudsperson

The Office of Student Ombudsperson is available to any medical student to give counsel and feedback around academic, career, or personal concerns. They are also available to discuss informally any situation students have encountered around harassment, discrimination or other unfair treatment, interpersonal disputes in need of a neutral third party, uncertainty about or unfair application of a policy, or knowledge of misconduct. This Office is a confidential resource for students except in cases where legal action is needed (e.g., unlawful discrimination or harassment, assault/harm to student or patient).  The Office serves as the student’s advocate in situations where the student will need to file a formal report with the Harassment Grievance Committee or the police.

There are two Medical Student Ombudspersons:

Other Services

Student Affairs is a central resource of information and partners closely with these campus organizations:

Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education and Student Affairs

Dr. Gliatto is board certified in Internal Medicine, as well as in Hospice and Palliative Medicine and he oversees the Office for Student Affairs. Learn more

Assistant Dean, Curricular and Student Affairs

Ms. Anand oversees the operations of Student Affairs and Curricular Affairs. Learn more

Associate Dean for Medical Student Well-being and Student Affairs

Dr. Hurtado is currently the Associate Dean for Medical Student Well-being and Student Affairs where she oversees the implementation of a range of evidence-based programs for medical students and works closely with existing student and faculty leaders already involved in efforts to promote student well-being. She is also the Director of Mount Sinai's Adult psychiatry resident clinic. Learn more

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Cromwell provides academic, personal, and career guidance from orientation through graduation. Learn more.

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Dweck is a is a board-certified ophthalmologist at Mount Sinai Doctors.   Dr. Dweck is also a Faculty Advisor.  She provides academic, personal, and career guidance from orientation through graduation. Learn more.

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Edwards is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics. She is currently the Director of the Mount Sinai Pediatric School-Based Health Centers which provide comprehensive care to children in East Harlem. She is the Vice Chair for Diversity Initiatives in the Department of Pediatrics and a Faculty Advisor. She provides academic, personal, and career guidance from orientation through graduation. Learn more.

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Grossman is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and sees patients at the Faculty Practice. Learn more

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Gault is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics.  A long time clinician educator, Dr. Gault has taught many medical students. Dr. Gault is also a Faculty Advisor. She provides academic, personal, and career guidance from orientation through graduation. Learn more.

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Swartz is an Assistant Professor of Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Medical Education.  She is an NIH-funded investigator and clinician, committed to student support during the physician scientist pathway. Dr. Swartz is Associate Director of the MD/PhD Program and Faculty Advisor providing guidance to MD/PhD students during their medical education and in transition between MD and PhD phases of their training. Learn more.

Director of Professional Development and Faculty Advisor

Dr. Katz is an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Medical Education at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and directs the Program in Global Mental Health at Mount Sinai. Learn more

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Posada is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Medical Education and serves as Director of the Pediatric/Young Adult HIV Program at Mount Sinai's Jack Martin Fund Clinic, Director of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program, and Co-Director of the Medical Microbiology Course for the Icahn School of Medicine. Learn more

Assistant Director, Student Affairs 

Mrs. Palmer oversees the front line support to students, faculty, and staff in the areas of student support, events, processes, and projects. Learn more.


Program Coordinator, Student Affairs

Ms. Alagiozidou coordinates the residency application process for medical students.

Program Assistant, Student Affairs

Mr. Conover supports programming, processes, and initiatives for Student Affairs.