Clinical Training

We offer students an environment that embraces our societal responsibilities and moral obligations in addition to providing an academically rigorous experience that is sophisticated, efficient, and effective. We establish this environment upfront, having our students involved with patient care from their first day. We provide a wide range of enriching service and training programs that emphasize patient care that is thoughtful, culturally sensitive, and focused on serving a social as well as a medical mission. We offer a diverse selection of clinical training sites across New York City, which allow our students to experience health care delivery across a broad range of patient population, services, and care. Our innovative programs include the following:

Varied Clinical Training Sites

Our students benefit from training at a wide range of clinical settings located throughout Manhattan and across the tri-state area. Having the opportunity to spend time at an urban city hospital with tremendous ethnic and language diversity, a large Veterans Affairs Medical Center, or a recognized hospital leader in community-based health care enables our students to learn about quality health care at every level. These sites include:

Longitudinal Clinical Experience (LCE) Program

We build in patient care opportunities from the very start of medical training. The LCE Program allows pairs of students to begin caring for chronically ill patients within weeks of starting medical school.

Morchand Center for Clinical Competence

By hiring trained actors to simulate the signs and symptoms of an illness – and to provide feedback to the medical student learners who provide their care—the Morchand Center emphasizes the importance of thoughtful and sensitive patient care. The Morchand Center, one of the nation’s first such training centers, is dedicated to training today's medical students to become tomorrow's compassionate physicians.

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Simulation education is a bridge between classroom learning and real-life clinical experience.  Our simulation facilities throughout the health system create realistic environments and situations where learners engaged in providing health care.  Medical students are exposed to stimulation throughout their medical school education.

East Harlem Health Outreach Partnership

East Harlem Health Outreach Partnership (EHHOP) is a student-run free primary-care clinic serving uninsured residents of East Harlem. Our medical students work under the supervision of a faculty member. Volunteering at EHHOP allows our medical students to combine practical experience in patient care with community service, giving them a reminder of the reasons they came to medical school in the first place.

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