Faculty and Staff

The Department of Medical Education encompasses Undergraduate Medical Education (MD Program), Graduate Medical Education, and Continuing Medical Education. Below you will find key faculty and staff who focus on the MD Program.

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  • David Muller, MD, Dean for Medical Education
  • Michelle Sainté, Associate Dean for Academic Administration
  • Suzanne Garfinkle, MD, Director, Academy for Medicine and the Humanities
  • Brendan Bullen, Associate Director for Academic Administration
  • Samantha Amazan, Special Events Manager
  • MéLisa Best, Communications and Marketing Associate 
  • Darinka Gadikota-Klumpers, Global Health Program  Manager
  • Leona Hess, Education Program Director for Strategy and Equity Programs
  • Margaret Kane, Assistant Director of Quality and Compliance
  • Jennifer Meyer, Global Health Coordinator
  • Jacklyn Njegric, Business Coordinator
  • Peter Zweig, Senior Program Coordinator, Accreditation and Special Projects

Office of Admissions

  • Valerie Parkas, MD, Senior Associate Dean of Admissions and Recruitment
  • Manjil Chatterji, MD, Faculty Director of Admissions and Recruitment 
  • Jessica Maysonet, Associate Director of Admissions
  • Jackie Chudow, Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruitment
  • Kathleen Jackson, Director of Admissions Processing and Systems
  • Deborah Alleyne, Admissions Coordinator
  • Jacqueline Duran, Admissions Assistant
  • Ruslan Kipnis, Admissions Assistant
  • Janina Galdamez, Associate Recruitment Coordinator
  • Christina Gallo, Medical School Admissions Coordinator

Center For Anatomy & Functional Morphology

  • Jeffrey Laitman, PhD, Director of the Center for Anatomy and Functional Morphology
  • Ki-Mark Mak, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Joy Reidenberg, PhD, Professor
  • Daniela Curcio, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Fran Steinberg, Administrative Coordinator
  • Torrence Wilson, Administrative Assistant

Center For Excellence In Youth Education

  • Alyson Davis, MSW, Program Director
  • Kenya Townsend, Program Manager
  • Alexander Joseph, Program Coordinator

Center For Multicultural & Community Affairs

  • Gary Butts, MD, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer for the Mount Sinai Health System and Director of CMCA
  • Ann-Gel Palermo, MPH, DrPH, Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion in Biomedical Education
  • Carmen Duran-Santos, Executive Assistant to the Director of CMCA 
  • Sherria McDowell, MPH, HCOP Program Manager
  • Edward Poliandro, MD, Director of Culture Diversity in Medicine Program
  • Yancy Aracena, Administrative Manager

Disability Services

  • Christine Low, Medical Education Disability Officer
  • Jill Weigley, Disability Officer

Educational Support

  • Steven Yuen, Laboratory & Technology Manager
  • Eddie Lugo, Lab Support Coordinator
  • Herman  Supoyo, Lab Technician

Office of Enrollment Services (Registrar & Financial Aid)

  • Stephanie Autenrieth, Associate Dean for Enrollment Services and Student Information
  • Noel Davila, Assistant Director of Financial Aid
  • Nelson Pe, Registrar
  • Kamila  Bryson, Assistant Registrar
  • Kristy DiPalma, Assistant Registrar
  • Leonara Dasu, Student Loan Coordinator
  • Yannick Forbes, Financial Aid Coordinator
  • Phillip Parke, Bursar

Institute for Medical Education

  • Reena Karani, MD, MHPE, Senior Associate Dean for Undergrad Medical Education & Curricular Affairs; Director, Institute for Medical Education
  • Robert Fallar, PhD, Associate Dean, Assessment and Evaluation; Assistant Director, IME
  • Olga Alagiozidou, Program Manager, Institute for Medical Education

Medical Student Research Office

  • Mary Rojas, PhD, Director, Medical Student Research
  • Jenny Lin, MD, Associate Director, Medical Student Research
  • Keith Sigel, MD, PhD, Associate Director, Medical Student Research
  • Grace Oluoch, MBA, Senior Program Coordinator

Morchand Center For Clinical Competence

  • Beverly Forsyth, MD, Medical Director, Morchand Center; Director of Student Electives
  • Terry Sommer, Director, Morchand Center
  • Meghan Green, Program Coordinator
  • Fariba Khan, Administrative Coordinator

Office of Student Affairs

  • Peter Gliatto, MD, Senior Associate Dean for Undergrad Medical Education and Student Affairs
  • Shashi Anand, MEd, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education Affairs
  • Alicia Hurtado, MD, Associate Dean for Medical Student Well-being and Student Affairs
  • Caroline Cromwell, MD, Faculty Advisor
  • Monica Dweck, MD, Faculty Advisor
  • Sharon Edwards, MD, Faculty Advisor
  • Allison Gault, MD, Faculty Advisor
  • Meredith Grossman, MD, Faculty Advisor
  • Craig Katz, MD, Faculty Advisor
  • Maria Maldonado, MD, Faculty Advisor
  • Janeen Marshall, MD, Faculty Advisor
  • Roberto Posada, MD, Faculty Advisor
  • Talia Swartz, MD, PhD, Faculty Advisor
  • Jillian Palmer, MA, Assistant Director, Student Affairs
  • Gwendolyn Casiano, Student Affairs, Program Coordinator 
  • Daniel Conover, Student Affairs, Program Coordinator

Student Health & Mental Health Office

  • Lori Zbar, MD, Director of Student Health
  • Jeffrey Newcorn, MD, Psychiatrist, Director of Student Mental Health
  • Elizabeth Garland, MD, Student Health Staff Physician
  • Olga Leibu, MD, Psychiatrist, Student Mental Health
  • Evan Leibu, MD, Psychiatrist, Student Mental Health
  • Jeanifer Tang, Clinical Coordinator for the Student Health Center

Office of Curricular Affairs

  • Reena Karani, MD, MHPE, Senior Associate Dean for Undergrad Medical Education and Curricular Affairs; Director, Institute for Medical Education 
  • Shashi Anand, MEd, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education Affairs
  • David Bechhofer, PhD, Co-Director of Curriculum
  • Robert Fallar, PhD, Director, Assessment and Evaluation; Assistant Director, Institute for Medical Education
  • Beverly Forsyth, MD, Medical Director, Morchand Center; Director of Student Electives
  • Rainier Soriano, MD, Co-Director of Curriculum; Director of Education Technology
  • Mia Aguayo, Clinical Curricuum Manager
  • Megan Sacco, Curriculum Manager, Years 1 and 2
  • Marley Akonnor, Evaluations and Assessment Coordinator
  • Jennifer BridieCurriculum Coordinator, Clinical Sites and Electives
  • Djeneba Danioko, Year 2 Course Coordinator
  • Muneeza Iqbal, Senior Program Coordintor, InFocus and Milestones
  • Bee Jawaroski, ASM Coordinator
  • Lauren Linkowski, Director, Programs and Resources for Academic Excellence
  • Tiffany Moore, Senior Clinical Curriculum Coordinator
  • Jeanneth Persaud, Compliance and Visiting Student Coordinator
  • Jennifer Reyes, Administrative Coordinator of Clinical Curriculum

Graduate Medical Education (GME)

  • Michael Leitman, MD, FACS, Senior Associate Dean for GME, Designated Institutional Official (DIO)
  • Scott Barnett, MD, Associate Dean for GME/MSH
  • Saadia Ahktar, MD, Associate Dean for GME/MSBI
  • Michael Berman, MD, MBI, FACOG, Associate Dean for Quality and Patient Safety, GME
  • Brijen Shah, Associate Dean for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, GME
  • Frank Basloe, Assistant Dean for GME
  • Irene Kontje, MBA, Director, Administration
  • Cheryl Spence, Director of Operations
  • Jennifer Coppola, Director, Finance and Operations
  • Celicia Montgomery, GME Administrator
  • Merdena Harrell, Senior House Staff Affairs Administrator
  • Judy Irons, House Staff Affairs Administrator
  • Beverly Ramdeen, House Staff Coordinator
  • John Battis, GME Administrator
  • Angelic Cotto, House Staff Affairs Administrator
  • Pascal Ferreira, GME Administrator
  • Tara Jefferson, GME Events and Project Administrator
  • Jacinta Russell, GME Administrator, Surgical
  • Kate Eisenberg, GME Admisitrator, Medicine and Internal Medicine
  • Muhammad Khalid, GME Adminsitrator, Well-being and CLER
  • Garber Bardan, GME Senior Systems Software Specialist
  • Shou-Su Yu, House Staff Systems Administrator

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

  • Lynette Bobbit, Enduring Materials Coordinator
  • Nelson Chin, Financial Analyst
  • Jeanette Cotto, Program Coordinator
  • Nicole Henry, Data Coordinator
  • Asunción Irene Cruz, Grand Rounds Coordinator
  • Maryam Kojiashvili, Administrative Assistant
  • Annette Roman, Program and Grand Rounds Coordinator
  • Wini Sapong, Program Coordinator
  • Maryam Kojiashvili, Administrative Assistant