The Microbiology (MIC) curriculum fulfills all of your requirements for the PhD program in Biomedical Sciences. Please click here for a typical curriculum for the Microbiology MTA.

As a MIC graduate student you must take the year-long Biomedical Sciences curriculum, including journal clubs. While you are not required to register for Seminar in Microbiology, JC in Microbiology, and JC in Oncogenes and Virology after completion of your Qualifying Exam, you are still encouraged to participate in each of these courses each semester.

MIC Core Requirements

Your completion of the MIC training area core courses requires satisfactory performance in (i) Biomedical Science – Fall; (ii) Biomedical Science – Spring; and (iii), at least two laboratory rotations.

Laboratory Rotations

You are required to complete two apprenticeships, and we encourage you to do them in MIC laboratories, in order to diversify and extend your exposure to research techniques and approaches. We hope that you will choose a preceptor before the completion of your first year so that you may begin your dissertation research as soon as possible.

Additional Requirements