Data Management

As part of Research Information Technology (IT) services, we assist investigators with database design and management. Our application development consulting service helps investigators with project planning and the systems development life cycle, including requirements gathering, business process mapping, and basic system design. We also provide programming support for application development for specific database functionality based on research need.

With the help of this service, investigators can:

  • Document database structures to be built by a developer
  • Determine the appropriate software tools to use in developing their database
  • Ensure their database designs meet institutional and sponsor standards for security and compatibility
  • Plan for expansion

Database Development and Support

We provide full database development and support using Mount Sinai's own Rapid Database Generator Toolkit© (RDG). This, web-based, interactive toolkit allows Research IT to collaborate with investigators to quickly develop and deliver custom databases for administrative and operational systems and registries. Delivery of databases through Mount Sinai's secure web-based Electronic Research Application Portal© (eRAP) gives investigators access to their research data when and where they need it. Through RDG users can:

  • Define field creation with data validation, business rules, algorithms, and calculations
  • Create dynamic forms to facilitate accurate data entry
  • Record lock to support quality assurance and data monitoring
  • Sign electronically
  • Create PDF documents within the application using MSSQL reporting services
  • Upload and manage files
  • View data across projects for same master patient

User-Defined Fields

We offer customizable fields including text fields user-defined by character, date (including date picker – calendar), number, and currency; Memo Field; Multi Select Checkbox; Single Select Dropdown Code List; Single Select Radio Buttons; Yes/No Option; Label (HTML-enabled message field); and Table Fields.

The Text Field can be customized to support calculations, algorithms to score forms and support data entry flow, and data range (for Number and Date); the Single/Multi Select, Yes/No field can be customized to show or hide fields based on data entry; and field mapping can be performed to pre-populate data.

File Upload Service

Our file upload service allows you to report and extract data, create reports on any user-defined fields, filter multiple user-defined fields, export data to Excel or a flat text file for easy import into SAS or other statistical packages; customize report/filters by user roles; and link to MS SQL reporting services.

Integration with Mount Sinai Systems

The RDG is integrated with Mount Sinai Systems including, EDR/Cerner for patient lookup, LIMS and Freezerworks for specimen management, SCC clinical lab system for orders and results, and Data Warehouse for associated clinical data on research subjects.

Data Security

eRAP's Role-Based Access Control security and audit capability ensures that the investigator's research data is protected from unauthorized access, modification, and exposure. Approved by Mount Sinai IT Security and HIPAA, the security of the portal follows industry standards for Role-Based Access Control (American National Standard for Information Technology - Role Based Access Control. Technical Report INCITS 359--2004, American National Standards Institute, Inc., 3 February 2004). Additionally, we ensure data security by maintaining the following:

  • Secure data transfer via HTTPS secure communications protocol
  • High-end servers located in the Secured Mount Sinai Data Center
  • Daily back-up of data
  • Authorization requirement for access to database
  • Quick-view audit service allowing authorized user to see who accessed records for view or edit
  • Detailed audit service including data field level changes, who changed, when, old value, new value