Preparing and Submitting Grants

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai’s research process allows you to prepare all research and sponsored project applications (both initial applications and progress reports), in InfoEd. From there, your application is routed for approval to the necessary departments, faculty, and personnel. We also provide detailed information about preparing your application.

How to Submit Research and Sponsored Project Applications: Procedure Guidelines

Use the Grants and Contract Office’s Application Submission Checklist, Sponsored Projects Manual, and Application Information page to assist you with the process and to ensure you don't miss any steps. These guidelines incorporate relevant technical, administrative, budgetary, and compliance policies and procedures that you will need to follow to secure approval.

If this is an industry-sponsored project, please note that while you prepare your online application, Mount Sinai Innovation Partners (MSIP) can negotiate and review your basic science/pre-clinical/translational research agreement, while Financial Administration of Clinical Trials Services can negotiate and review your clinical trial.

Timelines for Submitting Research and Sponsored Project Applications

To help ensure a successful submission, we recommend that you create a timeline including the deadlines of the extramural funding agency and the offices and departments that review and approve your application.

1. Extramural Funding Agency
This date is the starting point for determining the Medical School and departmental deadlines.

2. Grants and Contracts Office (GCO)
The GCO must receive your complete/final proposal by the deadlines below. Remember that the GCO reviews proposals following approval by the relevant department/s. You can double check your submission process using the GCO’s Application Submission Checklist Instructions.

    • Medical School Sponsored Projects: One business day
    • Federal Non-Competitive Applications: Two business days prior to agency deadline
    • Federal Competitive Grant and Contract Applications: Five business days prior to agency deadline (by 11 am)
    • All other sponsored project applications:  One business day prior to agency deadline

3. Department(s)
Check with the appropriate administrator for the department's deadline policy.

Tools and Resources

There are many tools and resources available to assist you with your sponsored project application:

Protocol Wizard is a customized list of research administrative processes.

Submission tools include checklists, budget templates, National Institutes of Health (NIH) sub award checklists, and other items specific-to-NIH sponsored projects.

Sponsored project training and education offers information necessary to comply with state and federal requirements.

InfoEd proposal development training enrollments are available on enrollments are available on PEAK > Classroom Based Training > Research. For more information email

The Grant Application Resource Center provides investigators with tools and standardized application language to facilitate your preparation of grant applications.

The Agreement Navigator Tool helps you find out how to route and obtain approvals for your agreements.

E-Forms for Sponsored Project and Research Application InfoEd

We use several e-forms to facilitate the research process.

  • InfoEd: The InfoEd software program enables us to internally route and manage all research and sponsored project applications. We also use it to submit single project competitive NIH and other federally sponsored projects electronically to these agencies. We call these applications System-to-System Submissions or S2S. 

    We call all other applications Non-System-to-System Submissions or non-S2S. For non-S2S applications, we use InfoEd for internal purposes only, not to submit the application to the extramural funding agency.

  • Sinai Central - Conflict of Interest and Suspension and Debarment Forms: We use Sinai Central to complete Conflict of Interest (COI) and Suspension and Debarment (S&D) forms, as appropriate. We require COI forms for all research applications regardless of funding source. You only need fill out S&D forms for projects funded by the federal or state government.

Our Rates, Dates, and ID Numbers

Some grant and contract applications require institutional information; Sponsored Programs Education provides this information.

Policies and Guidelines

Reviewing GCO's policies, procedures, and other related application information will clarify the research and sponsored projects application process.