The Tisch Cancer Institute


The Tisch Cancer Institute (TCI) Microscopy Shared Resource Facility (MSRF) provides equipment, training, and expert consultation services for a full range of light microscopy applications, including laser scanning and spinning disk confocal and multiphoton microscopes, a light sheet and widefield microscopes, and several computer workstations for deconvolution, 3D-rendering, and image analysis. The facility also provides full service transmission electron microscopy. High resolution, in vivo imaging, and multichannel capabilities of all of the microscope systems are utilized for phenotyping cancers, for localizing cancer-related cell signaling and growth regulatory molecules, and for monitoring the effects of genetic and pharmacological manipulations on differentiation and metastasis.

The MSRF is composed of the institutional Microscopy core and two TCI satellite sites that have been set up to better serve members of The Tisch Cancer Institute.