Events and Initiatives

Each year the Office of Faculty Development (OFD) teams up with related groups at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) to host comprehensive workshops, seminars, discussions, and mentoring programs designed to help junior faculty plan their careers.

The following outlines the focus of various OFD events and initiatives and their primary focus and purpose. You are encouraged to take advantage of these events and programs.

  • Effective Negotiations – A workshop on the art of negotiating salary for researchers and clinicians
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution in Research Management – A discussion about workplace conflicts, and the best ways to resolve issues through clear communicatio
  • Faculty Development Symposium – A panel discussion about the process of APT—Appointment, Promotions and Tenure—for clinical and research faculty
  • Mount Sinai Faculty Resources Fair – An annual fair where faculty meet staff from different internal areas to learn about available resources
  • How to Mentor Graduate Students and Postdocs – A panel discussion where senior faculty members explain best practices for mentoring
  • Faculty First – A lunch where junior faculty are offered the opportunity to speak with Dean Charney, network with their colleagues, and share their experiences as new members of the Mount Sinai Health System (MSHS)
  • Coffee Talk – A bi-monthly event where junior faculty have the opportunity to meet the Dean and Associate Dean of the Office of Academic Development and Enrichment, to ask questions, learn about events, and offer suggestions for programming
  • Faculty focus groups and interviews – To assess strengths and weaknesses of mentorship programs
  • Faculty Idea Prize – An annual competition that highlights collaborative, innovative research conducted by young investigators
  • Conduits Institutes for Translational Sciences (CTSA) – Working on Leadership through CTSA
  • Networking – Opportunities for site-based physicians and OFD events
  • Grand Rounds – Co-sponsored departmental opportunities to promote mentorship and leadership
  • Junior PI Club (JPIC) – A gathering of junior principal investigators (PIs) to discuss working at Mount Sinai
  • Evaluations – Evaluating progress of OFD initiatives
  • Alternative Funding Streams- Research tips for finding funding
  • Research Evaluation Metrics - Measure the impact of your work
  • How to Choose the Right Jornal- Learning to navigate today's scientific publishing environment
  • Get me a Statistician...STAT- Engaging with the Biostatistics Department at the School of Medicine