Mentorship Enrichment

The Office of Faculty Development (OFD) at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) has a faculty mentoring initiative that is designed to develop and enrich junior faculty careers. OFD works in conjunction with chairs, mentoring leaders, and mentoring champions to complement department-based mentoring programs.

Mentoring relationships benefit all involved. We strongly encourage faculty—senior faculty to act as mentors and junior faculty to be engaged mentees—to explore building mentoring connections and create development plans that help mentees achieve specific requirements for promotion and fulfill their career goals. We also encourage faculty to pick mentors either inside or outside of the institution that can offer insight to achieving work-life balance.

"Your mentors will enlarge your dreams and nurture your passions. They will guide you: to innovate; to push the envelope; to not be bound by tradition, when tradition is an obstacle; to make discoveries, once thought impossible, that will change the face of medicine. To learn the art and science of becoming a truly great physician or scientist; to commit to addressing the needs of those who most need our care in our local community and around the world." - Dean of Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Dennis S. Charney, MD

OFD is committed to advancing the careers of junior faculty, as well as enriching senior faculty as they help mentees find their way in the Mount Sinai Health System.