Mentorship Enrichment

Cultivating mentoring relationships is crucial to career growth and professional fulfillment. The Office of Faculty Development (OFD) strives to maintain a culture that actively encourages mentorship and continuously enhances mentor and mentee skills for all faculty. We create and sponsor programs to encourage high-quality, equity-focused mentoring relationships. Working closely with the Office for Diversity and Inclusion and the Office of Gender Equity in Science and Medicine we review, collate, and share evidence-based strategies to support diverse, underrepresented, and women faculty.

At Icahn Mount Sinai, we provide both mentors and mentees with tools and strategies to create and sustain thriving mentoring relationships throughout their career stages. This includes the following online tools:

  • Mentoring Leaders
    Sections that include role descriptions and a list of these leaders by department
  • Mentorship Workshops and Events
    Section that includes support for both mentors and mentees in building meaningful and supportive relationships and include the Mentor Program, our Thriving in Academic Medicine Series, the Faculty First Program, and networking events.
  • Mentorship Online Resources
    Which includes individual development plans, guides to identify your mentor network, and tips for being a proactive mentor/mentee
  • Mentorship Readings and Research
    Participating in quarterly meetings to learn about mentorship best practices to utilize in their departments and to facilitate an institutional culture of high-quality mentorship.

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