Career Advancement Internal Research Opportunities

The OFD understands that finding opportunities to publicly discuss your research is the half the battle to expanding your professional reputation required for promotion. Here are opportunities to share your expertise and build connections within the health system and the region.

The Faculty Idea Prize

The OFD awards $10,000 to collaborative, innovative research projects that can potentially be translated into a marketable product. The winners are announced each year at the Sinai Innovations Awards Ceremony. The goal of the program is to accelerate collaborative, multidisciplinary research by identifying researchers with complementary expertise and providing funding to support promising early translational technologies.

Past recipients of the Faculty Idea Prize have included:
Year Title Collaborators
2023 INSPIRED: Innovating Novel Solutions using Psilocybin for Impacting Research in Elders with Depression Andrew Delgado, PhD; Rachel Fremont, MD, PhD
2022 Accessible, community-based neuroimaging of substance use disorder patients Sairam Geethanath, PhD; Shilpa Taufique, PhD
2021 Paving the Path to Success for Trainees who are Underrepresented in Science Sarah J. Miller, PsyD; Jamilia R. Sly, PhD; Tracy M. Layne, PhD; Uraina Clark, PhD
2020 SMART-PC: An accessible, palliative care mHealth tool for patients with serious illness Claire Ankuda, MD, MPH; Maria Loizos, PhD; Melissa Mazor, PhD, MS, RN; Christopher Woodrell, MD, MS
2019 Developing a high throughput-screening platform to identify modulators of extracellular matrix formation using CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing Dirk Hubmacher, PhD; Tim Ahfeldt, PhD
2018 Identification of clinically actionable biomarkers of epilepsy via unbiased serum metabolomics analysis. Drew Kiraly, MD, PhD; James Young, MD, PhD
2017 An RNA-based approach to intranasal delivery of neuropeptides to the brain Hala Harony-Nicolas, PhD; Lior Zangi, PhD
2016 Exploiting Zika virus to identify novel targets to treat glioblastoma Nadejda Tsankova, MD, PhD; Roland Friedel, PhD
2015 Novel teeth biomarker for neurodevelopmental susceptibility Manish Arora, PhD; Hirofumi Morishita, MD, PhD

Internal Research Presentation Opportunities

Disseminating your work within the Mount Sinai System is one of the beginning steps to expanding your reputation and connections and reaching the next level of academic appointments.

Below are some opportunities you can pursue:
Update your Mount Sinai online profile Step by step instructions to update your information and professional experience. 
Institute for Medical Education Research Day An annual event showcases medical education research and education programming by Mount Sinai faculty, house staff, and students. The goals are:
  • Highlight and disseminate the educational research and innovative curriculum development taking place at Mount Sinai and its affiliate institutions
  • Provide a forum for educators to learn from and collaborate with each other
  • Prepare authors for regional and national presentation and dissemination of their scholarly educational work.
Friedman Brain Institute Art of the Brain Exhibition The Art of the Brain is an exhibition of innovative research discoveries through photographs, paintings, and illustrations that celebrate the beauty of the brain as seen through the eyes of some of the world’s leading researchers.