Mentoring Champions

The Department of Medicine organizes mentoring leaders at the division level to meet the needs of the division’s junior faculty. Those division-level mentoring leaders are known as mentoring champions. These mentoring champions may serve on the mentoring committees for their division’s junior faculty, or act as an overseer, ensuring that junior faculty members find primary mentors within the division in a timely fashion.

The Office of Faculty Development (OFD) relies on mentoring champions to support junior faculty by:

  • Ensuring junior faculty have mentors and that their divisional mentoring plans are in place, active, and ongoing
  • Disseminating information about OFD events relating to mentoring, career development, and other opportunities for junior faculty
  • Recommending junior faculty mentees for events and workshop opportunities
  • Providing OFD with insights into addressing unmet needs of junior faculty mentees, and working with the Office to develop resources that fill those gaps


 Mentoring Champions


Medicine - GI Division

James Marion, MD

Medicine - Renal Division

Jamie Uribarri, MD

Medicine - Hepatology

Scott Friedman, MD

Medicine - ID

Michael Mullen, MD

Medicine - Hospital Medicine

Dennis Chang, MD

Medicine - General Medicine

Jenny Lin, MD

Medicine - Cardiology

Jagat Narula, MD

Medicine - Rheumatology

Percio Gulko, MD

Medicine - Immunology

Charlotte Cunningham-Rundles,

Medicine - Pulmonary

Larry DiFibrizio, MD

Medicine - Hem/Oncology

Janice Gabrilove, MD

Please contact Ramaa Chitale at, regarding the following Department of Medicine divisions that do not currently have mentoring champions: Clinical Immunology, Diabetes, Bone Disease and Endocrinology, Digestive Diseases and Gastroenterology, Hematology and Medical Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Kidney Diseases, Liver Diseases, Lung Disease and Pulmonary Medicine.

OFD welcomes feedback and event ideas from mentoring leadership and others about the mentoring leader role.

To suggest a topic for an OFD event, please contact